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            Mingyang is dedicated to the research and development of megawatt wind turbines and their core parts, and aims to produce the world first-rate new energy products. We insist on the independent innovation of core technologies, and are the sole enterprise in the whole industry, which specializes in the development, design and independent supporting of blades, gear boxes and generators, as well as three major electric control systems.

            Photovoltaic Products

            The new-generation CdTe thin film battery packs, developed and produced by Mingyang, feature such obvious advantages as good absorption of weak lights, high conversion efficiency and low KWH costs. They are widely applied in all kinds of solar power plants, integration of buildings and photovoltaic power generation as well as portable products.

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              Component efficiency

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              Product material and process warranty

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              Excess linear power output

            Big Data Center

            Monitoring on regions, plants, wind turbines/ PV modules, inverters, intelligent bus boxes, booster stations and anemometer towers


            Advanced Technology

            The R&D innovation platforms with “one headquarters and five centers” undertake the innovation in R&D of international cutting-edge technologies such as high-power offshore wind turbine technology, deep-sea floating technology and carbon fiber/fiberglass blended blade technology.

            • High-power Offshore Wind Turbine Technology
            • Deep-sea Floating Technology
            • Blade Segmentation and Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Blending Technology